How can I take part to the course?

1. Reach the link: https://elearning.3decho360.com

2. Click on login

3. Click on ‘REGISTER’ and fill all the fields required, later click again on ‘REGISTER’

4. Click on the bottom ‘HOMEPAGE’

5. Click on the light-blue bottom ‘DISCOVER COURSES’

6. In the list of available course click on ‘DISCOVER THE COURSE’

7. Click on ‘SIGN UP’

8. Fill out your information

9. Click on SUBSCRIBE botton and click on complete purchase on PAYPAL

10. Fill ‘Administrative data and data for the certificate’ (ATECO code field is not mandatory)

11. In the end of the compilation click on ‘COMPLETE’

12. Click on ‘DISCOVER THE COURSE’. If any datas are missing click on ‘MODIFY THE PROFILE’

13. After the message ‘Profile correctly update’ click on the menù ‘COURSE LISTS’ (on the right of the screen)

14. Click on ‘START COURSE’ and then on ‘DISCOVER COURSE’, please accept the legal conditions

15. The course will be available from January 20th, 2020 at 9 AM